Violet Oakley in front of "Unity", a mural later installed at the Pennsylvania State Capital

I just finished reading a terrific book on the story of the Red Rose girls, three female students of Howard Pyle who ended up establishing a communal house and studio called the Red Rose Inn. They collaborated and were living together for many years and became very succesful. There are whisperings of love and intimacy to spice up the story.

Drawing By Violet Oakley

The book is called “the Red Rose Girls”, by Alice A Carter, and I couldn’t put it down. I was most interested in Violet Oakley, whose murals I had seen in Harrisburg, PA. at the state capital there. Ms. Oakley, besides being an artist, was a committed Christian Scientist.

Murals by Violet Oakley at the Pennsylvania State Capital

The two other woman, Elizabeth Shippen Green and Jessie Willcox Smith were very succesful illustrators. You can find many images and more  information by doing a web search.

Portrait of Quita Woodward by Violet Oakley

Drawing by Violet Oakley

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