The RedBall Visits Perth's Cottesloe Beach

The RedBall Visits Perth’s Cottesloe Beach

February 8 through March 5, I am in Perth Australia assisting Kurt Perschke on his RedBall Project, which is simply a 15 ft. diameter Inflatable red ball which we site and install in architectural spaces. This is a project he has been working on for about 10 years and has done for public art programs and arts festivals all over the world: Barcelona, Chicago, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Taipei, and quite a few more. Later this year it will be In London for the Olympics and perhaps the Isle of Guernsey as well.

People seem to really love it, and since we move it everyday, we sometimes get groupies who show up at every site. Kids of course especially enjoy it, and love to push, punch, jump and generally dance around. Adults do the same sometimes. A common question is “ what is it’? The answer is that it is an art project. It’s a lot of fun, and one goal is to bring attention to the architectural spaces that it is installed in.

The logistics of it are that we transport it by truck and inflate it and deflate it everyday. Beforehand, Kurt does a preparatory visit, which lasts usually as long as the project, to decide on installation sites. Art festivals or the public art program of municipalities usually invite the RedBall Project. In this case it was the Perth Festival.

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