Notte, Roma ( Sant' Angelo Bridge by Night), 8 x 10 in. Oil

Ponte Sant’Angelo di Notte, Roma (Sant’ Angelo Bridge by Night), 8 x 10 in. Oil

This is a night painting I did in Rome, Italy of the Ponte Sant’Angelo.  Completed in 134 AD to span the Tiber, from the city center to  the towering Castel Sant’Angelo.  The bridge is now solely pedestrian, and provides a photogenic vista of the Tiber River and the castle. It’s of course a busy place, and there were street vendors still out even well past nightfall.

In times past, pilgrims used this bridge to reach St Peter’s Basilica, hence it was known also with the name of “bridge of Saint Peter” (pons Sancti Petri). In the seventh century, under Pope Gregory I, both the castle and the bridge took on the name Sant’Angelo, explained by a legend that an angel appeared on the roof of the castle to announce the end of the plague.

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