This month I am in Denver working on a Mural restoration At the Byron White Federal courthouse in downtown Denver. Herman T. Schladermundt was he original Muralist, and he painted the 4 murals  about 1918. Unfortunately a “restoration was done in the 1960’s during which an artist painted garish colors on top of the original subdued tones. My job was to repaint some areas from which some paint conservators’ had removed the over paint and try to match the original drawings and colors. A very nice job to have . The Department of Homeland security felt it necessary to specially dispatch an armed guard watching me (really) while I was working.

With Page Conservation.

Also did some Hiking and sketching in The rockies. Me and Blanka Kielb had a wonderful mini vacation which included mud baths and a beautiful alpine hike.

Here are some images of the murals. The more colorful version of Fortune was the 1960’s – which also obliterated a lot of the details. The second state of Fortune is a cleaned version before our in-painting. Labor and Postal are our finished product.

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