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Westown Mural Commision

Recently I was informed that I have been awarded a  commission to do a mural  in the Westown neighborhood of Chicago. They were looking for street scenes from their area to be painted underneath a Union-Pacific train bridge  just west Chicago…
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Even More Washington,D.C. Mural Conservation

As my friends know I have been spending a lot of time in the last two years working in Washington, DC on  some mural conservations working with an Conservator/artist team  to conserve some  circa 1880's decorative murals in an executive…

More Washington, DC murals

Here is another apparently old mural on 14th street near "U".  I can't quite make out what it is supposed to say , perhaps "mothers love"? Maybe it is an old sign.  It is peeling quite badly. Also about 50 ft. away I found a beautiful poster …
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Marilyn Monroe Mural, Washington D.C.

This wonderful and popular mural is at the corner of Calvert and Connecticut, near the Woodley Park Metro station. Commissioned in 1981 by Roi Barnard of Salon Roi, and painted by John Bailey. There is or was a bronze plaque installed at 2604…
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Laser mural

Here is something that is wall art with a twist. It is a laser projection that activates when someone stands in the proper position ( and disappears once you leave). This was in London a couple years ago.
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Watermelon Mural

I was out on my bicycle looking for a place to paint when I spotted this wonderful humorous mural near Logan Circle in Washington D.C. I think 14th and Corcoran are the cross streets or nearby.
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Working on 18th Century Wallpaper restoration in Washington, D.C.

Here is a  look at what I am doing this week in Washington DC. This is an 18th century  wallpaper made with woodblock prints . It would have been manufactured by a company like Joseph Dufour et Cie. I’m working with Page Conservation who…
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Oak Park Mural project disappears

Bad news came through this week. Apparently due to a budget shortfall in the Village of Oak Park, it looks like my  planned mural project will probably not materialize (or at least be significantly delayed). I…
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Harrisburg, PA. Cathedral Dome Mural

Last month I painted a mural inside a cathedral dome at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Harrisburg, PA. The project was a recreation of an original mural that had suffered water damage over the years. I was the lead artist for EverGreene Architectural…
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Film set built in the Netherlands

I Designed and built  a film set for an Independent short film (“Freak”) shot in the Netherlands for a major Dutch theater event:  The 2005 Parade festival.  We built it  on site in Vlaardingen, a suburb of Rotterdam. Ton Van Erp was…
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Grand Rapids Mural

I worked   with an artist team  to paint  a Richard Haas designed mural in Grand Rapids, MI. for the Heartside Neighborhood Redevelopment project. With Tim Luzak, Tim  Gunnet , and  Amy (? from NYC ), with Evergreene.  The theme is the…