Denver Restoration

This month I am in Denver working on a Mural restoration At the Byron White Federal courthouse in downtown Denver. Herman T. Schladermundt was he original Muralist, and he painted the 4 murals  about 1918. Unfortunately a “restoration was done in the 1960’s during which an artist painted garish colors on top of the original…

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University Club Exhibition

Exhibit: Thursday, June 12, 2008, 5 – 7 pm at the University Club of Chicago (76 E Monroe St Chicago, IL (312) 726-2840 at the  corner of Monroe and Michigan) . I’ll have about 20 mostly new works for your viewing pleasure. The exhibit is on the 12th floor in the dining room with a…

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Grand Rapids Mural

I worked   with an artist team  to paint  a Richard Haas designed mural in Grand Rapids, MI. for the Heartside Neighborhood Redevelopment project. With Tim Luzak, Tim  Gunnet , and  Amy (? from NYC ), with Evergreene.  The theme is the history of the Grand Rapids Furniture industry. Sponsored by the Dwelling Place organization.

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