Painting in Rome, Italy

About me

Originally from Chicago, in 2014, I chose to make my home in Rockland, Maine, a beautiful area to paint that is steeped in art and culture.

I work primarily in oils, and my goal as a painter is to paint impressions of the world we aspire to. I enjoy especially painting architecture and the figure.

I love to travel and paint. I’m forever plotting a trip to some exotic location! The chance to see new places, meet new friends and expand my viewpoint is a gift that I profoundly appreciate.

In the last decade I resided and painted in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, traveled and painted throughout SE Asia, visited Australia and Bali, and in 2013 and 2016 I made two long painting trip to Rome and southern Italy to begin a journey to connect to my Italian roots, where I hold a second citizenship.

I am also involved in public art and the restoration of visual art in architectural settings. I have worked on historical restorations of large-scale decorations and murals in churches, theaters, state capitals and even the White House office building.

Always, I pursue my lifelong love of plein-air painting as well as working on studio and mural pieces.

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